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About Sam.

I help international, growth-stage companies break into, reframe, and dominate markets. As a former CEO, CMO, CSO, VP Sales, and experienced executive coach, I know how to apply effective, creative execution to top, mid, and late-stage sales funnel activities that double conversion rates, and craft compelling stories to support critical activities like fundraising, partnerships, or main-stage presentations.

As an operator, I had the rare experience to have grown companies from $1M to $1B IPO, and created quick revenue-impacting programs that resulted in funding and acquisitions. I’ve also been on the VC-side of the table and can bring that lens to engagements when needed. I love to work in-person with executive teams and Boards to generate breakout plays that dramatically change growth trajectories.

As an American expat, I have the flexibility to work in-person and remotely with clients all over the world. My current customers are based in Moscow, Tel Aviv, Paris, USA, and the UK.


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