Focus Matters.


Nail critical moments.

Apply creative, effective energy where others don’t. I will help you succeed at crucial points that make the difference between meaningful traction and wasted effort. The result is an aligned team focused on game-changing activities that transform growth and leave competitors behind.


Expand to new geographies.

Typically, companies spend a lot of money and fail when they try to get traction in new countries. I will help you create clear, actionable plans that create the proof you need to intelligently grow into new and bigger markets while minimizing risk.



Create presentations they want to sit through.

Nothing is more wasteful than when a prospect sits through a long, generic presentation that sounds like everyone else. I will help you design an experience that immediately engages them, from conversation design to quick, impactful presentations that advance the opportunity and de-positions other options.

Send proposals that get signed.

The rubber hits the road when you send your proposal. Making the case is an art and can mean the difference between closing quickly or not closing at all. Create personalized proposals that prove you’re the best solution, persuade prospects to buy, and act as a roadmap to further develop your relationship.



Deliver fundraising pitches that score.

As a former CEO and VC, I’ve sat on both sides of table, raised millions, and listened to hundreds of pitches. I know how to frame a pitch and create a compelling case that investors want to fund (and brag about). My pitches have helped raise over $100M USD and helped attract smart investors who can help guide high-growth companies.

Dominate categories you re-frame.

A changed position can change everything. Most market categories are filled with noisy, copycat companies that confuse buyers. Some companies have a rare opportunity to create a completely new category, others can create value by re-framing their existing category. I bring proven success to both and know how to clearly design and execute category strategies and operational plans that have resulted in fast growth, acquisitions, and IPO.



Other growth services.

  • Exec GTM positioning and planning offsites.

  • Sales and Marketing material creation or improvement.

  • Mainstage presentations and company kickoffs.

  • Sales and Account-based Marketing strategies.

  • Launch plans, messaging, and operational support.